Ninja / Kent Alistair

A ninja never reveals his existence to anyone.  If you have a name, you are not a ninja.  If you have been seen, you are not a ninja.  If people are aware of you, you are not a ninja.


Liz Blackwell
Attorney / FBI Informant

Liz kicked off her heels the moment she walked in into her apartment. She slammed the door shut behind her.
Goddamn.  Had life always been this complicated and confusing?  Kent. Ninja. Triad.  The Triad was sucking in her whole entire life. 


The Alchemist
Snakehead Triad

“The Triad knows,” said the man, the tattoos glowing with the red color of a blood alchemist.   His voice gurgled with blood, as he yanked the stars out of his chest.  “They see you Shadow Walker.  You cannot hide anymore!  They know!”           


Parvati "Vy" Radeshi
The FBI Handler

"Liz, if something happens, my hands are completely tied.  We can’t do anything for you.  We will completely disavow any connection with you."


Joy Alistair
FBI Agent / Ninja' s Sister

“Yeah, you try Shadow Walking in heels, let’s see how quiet you are.”


Jasper Ravinov
Paranormal Agency Agent

“The secret is out, Ninja.  The P.P.A. knows about you.”

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