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He shouldn’t be here, hanging upside down from the ceiling of her balcony. It was close to midnight, but twenty-three stories below, the traffic still snarled with life. In the distance, the spire of the fourth tallest building in the world sparkled with glittering lights.

He really shouldn’t be here. But he needed something. Just an image to keep him warm.

How could he have been so stupid?

It had been a brilliantly orchestrated trap. They had saved the children, but the Triad had gotten what they wanted; confirmation that a shadow walker existed, and blood that a shadow walker had splashed through. Not only would the blood bring in millions on the black market, but there was the possibility that a skillful alchemist would eventually be able to use the blood to track him. Even so, it wouldn’t be soon. Complicated alchemy like that took time, something that the Triad didn’t have much of anymore.

Still, he waited.

The bedroom door opened. Padding on the carpet with bare feet, she ignored the wall switch and reached over to click on a small nightlight. Removing her jacket, she reached into the closet for a hanger. His breath stopped as she unbuttoned her blouse. She had porcelain skin, green eyes that seemed brighter at night, and hair like bright red copper. For almost six months he had watched her, torturing himself with thoughts and visions of her. He couldn’t keep away from her.

She reached behind her back and unzipped her skirt. As she slipped it off, his stiffening cock instantly went rigid. He knew she hated wearing hose, but how the fuck could he have known that she was walking around the office all day without her underwear?

The redhead flung her blouse into a corner, and then turned around, giving him a full view of her nearly nude body. Except for her necklace -- a single silver pendant, inset with an emerald -- and a scrap of purple lace that could barely be called a bra, she wore nothing. Her breasts were full, pointed, and pert, and he ached to feel those long legs wrapped around him. Shadows embraced her, enveloping her hourglass curves like a teasing lingerie of darkness and light.He inhaled slowly, taking in her scent of lavender and sandalwood. For a shadow walker like him, shadows and darkness were pathways, conveying sounds and scents, among other things.

He imagined ripping off her purple bra, exposing her breasts to his mouth, and sucking those sweet nipples. He could practically hear her moan, as his hands mapped and memorized every arc and bend of her body.

What would she feel like? What would it be like to have her white body underneath his own? Who would be shuddering more when he thrust his cock into her juicy, wet cunt? How would it be to have her clawing at him as he teased her slowly? What expression would she have riding him, her perfectly formed tits swaying as she arched her head back, eyes closed, mouth open?

He shuddered.

And he hadn’t even gotten to the good part yet.

She began to walk toward his hiding place.

He stayed as still as the darkness around him.

No matter how hot it was, she never slept with the air conditioning on. Every evening, as she did now, she opened her balcony doors to the night air. For a moment she stood, naked to the dark, surrounded by the jeweled skyscrapers of the sparkling city. Her long red hair blew back, away from her face as the night breeze caressed her body.

Nope. No way could he ever stop watching her.

She went back to her bed, her ass swaying with ethereal grace. Just watching her walk was one of the sexiest, most cock-stirring things he had ever seen.

She slid open the drawer of the nightstand next to her, pulling out her favorite toy. She lay down. The crisp white sheets were the perfect backdrop to every curve of that luscious body.

If only that was him, stroking her pussy, making her wet. He envisioned being the one to slide that double dildo vibrator inside her pussy and ass. He would press it against her pussy lips, alternating the vibrations, while he sucked on her pointed nipples.

Even from the shadows he could smell her arousal as she lubed up the toy.

He imagined those hands caressing his cock, teasing his balls, her palm swirling over his tip. What expression would she have on her face as she lowered her lips to take him into her mouth?

She grabbed a body pillow and placed it between her knees. His attention was riveted as she slid her hands down her stomach to the tuft of red curls between her legs. Then she angled the double dildo first into her pussy, and then into her ass. She switched it on.

That glazed, glassy-eyed, fucked look was immediately apparent. Her face grew increasingly pink and she panted, her red mouth open as she clenched the oversized pillow with her legs, riding it, rocking back and forth. God, yes, she would ride him like that, her long red hair flying around her face, her moans in his ear, her hot scent in his nose, her long legs wrapped around his thighs.

He would press her body into the bed, covering her, possessing her, making her his, feeling her scratch his back as she tried to stop his relentless, merciless determination to fuck her until neither of them could speak.

He watched as she kicked her blankets into disarray. She moaned with abandon. He wanted to be the cause of noises like that, to make her thrash in his hands as he pressed his face between her legs. He wanted to taste her desire, inhale her scent, and surround himself with her juices.

With his extraordinary hearing, the sirens of fire engines were suddenly noticeable. Years of training forced him to tear his focus from her. He gazed off into the distance and saw signs of a building fire. Worthington Gardens, one of the worst, most crime-ridden areas of the city. A child’s cries filtered through the shadows. He gritted his teeth.

He still wasn’t a superhero.

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