This story is the ultimate turn on. It is your deepest, darkest fantasy that you didnít even know you had...

- Scooper, Scooper Speaks

In a parallel world of alchemy, demons and superheroes, even the most ordinary may harbor the most extraordinary of secrets.  Liz Blackwell leads a double life, as an attorney by day, and a freelance spy on the side.  Unknown to her, her geeky secretary Kent Alistair is the mysterious superhero known simply as “Ninja.”  In the middle of an international game of crime wars, demons and mystical objects, can these two people learn to trust each other before it is too late?

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The sex scenes are enough to make your hair singe; I kept patting my head to make sure my hair was out! Non-stop action keeps this story flowing smoothly. The emotional tension is so thick in places that you can cut it with a knife. I loved how Ms. Li wove paranormal, superhero, and mythic characters into the story; the demons, ninjas, and banshees ruled the day. The world building is stellar, and you get a real sense for this dark alternate reality. Action, true love, and an alternate history have made this story one of my favorites!

-Regina, Coffeetime Romance


Superheroes, and alchemists, and demons, and FBI agents, and the mob, and ninjas, OH MY!!! One would think that that combination couldn't possibly work, but Racy Li proves to us that it does and she does so superbly.

-Catherine Smith,

Ninja by Racy Li is hot, hot, hot. Whew. Did I say it was hot? Kent Alistair is like a future combination of Spiderman and Superman (he’s even named Kent) with martial arts and mystic thrown into the mix. He’s hot. Yes, ok, everything about this book is hot...If you are looking for a kick butt, sexy rompin’ read with a superhero who is rock hard (yes, I said that!) then snap up Ninja by Racy Li – you won’t be disappointed.

-Michelle, Bare Essensuals / Rites of Romance Reviews



The love scenes are so hot, they will have you squirming in your seat...

-Caroline, Literary Nymphs



if you want something to crack you up, if you want something silly with copious overuse of the word "ninja", then you might want to check out NINJA for the pure fun factor.

-Annie Dean, Romance Reviews Today Erotic