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"Hot sex and superheroes make for a great story and Ms. Li has done that here with She Knows His Secret."
-Kate Garrabrant, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Ms. Li has written a spectacular novel full of action, mystery, magic, and lots of spicy sex.
- Danielle, Coffeetime Romance

Simply Romance names an Outstanding Read! Night Owl Romance Reviews Top Pick!

She Knows His Secret!

Audrey Chao is one of the world's foremost experts on exotic diseases. Despite a busy schedule, she's managed to fall hard for Marcus Bruhn, a man she knows to be the superhero Centurion. But when Centurion is presumed dead for three weeks and Marcus offers a flimsy excuse, she's had enough and dumps him.

Marcus has no clue Audrey knows his secret. He resigns himself to a life without her, until superheroes begin to succumb to a mysterious virus and he has no choice but to seek her help. Together, they will uncover a worldwide conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of the world government. It may take all of Audrey's expertise to save the superheroes, but it will take all of Centurion's powers in and out of the bedroom to win Audrey back.

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"Marcus is so, so, lost without Audrey, just as he is so deeply in love with that woman that I find him a most delicious kind of hero."
- Mrs. Giggles

Racy Li is great at writing highly charged sex scenes and she didn’t disappoint in She Knows His Secret. - S. Cooper, Scooper Speaks